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SERP’s Word Generation program targets the development of academic literacy across content areas in grades six through eight. The enhancements featured in Academic Language for All have their origins in work conducted by the Center for Research on the Educational Achievement and Teaching of English Language Learners (CREATE). In its efforts to build the empirical research base, a CREATE research team investigated the impact of Word Generation units on English language learners in Austin, Texas. In two comparisons, one experimental and one quasi-experimental, students who received the Word Generation program learned more academic words than comparable students in other classes. 

With support from an Institute of Education Sciences (IES) grant to CREATE, a SERP team studied the experience teachers in Texas had with Word Generation to develop a full set of enhancements for English Language Learners. 

In conversations with practitioners and researchers, staff learned that materials aimed at supporting long-term English language learners were in particularly short supply. SERP and CREATE therefore designed the Academic Language for All materials with that population in mind. Because many teachers expressed the view that interventions for long-term English learners are also useful for other students who struggle with academic language, we created a comprehensive set of resources designed to meet the needs of both groups of students. 

Practitioners' Perspectives:

Video interview of Vanessa Cortez (Meadows Center, University of Texas) describing Word Generation's effectiveness with English language learners. 

More video interviews coming soon.